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Attorney Jessica E. Deal and the staff at the law firm of Advanced Legal Services, Inc, understand just how confusing legal processes can be. Our main goal is to understand your unique situation and explain your legal options. We all bring several years of bankruptcy experience to the table and are here to help you.

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Bankruptcy Services

An individual or business can end up with mounting bills and fees that are beyond their means. At a certain point, the inability to recover these financial deficits can seem completely overwhelming. Congress has enacted laws to give you protection and give you a fresh start financially. 

The law firm of Advanced Legal Services, Inc, helps you evaluate whether bankruptcy is right for you. We have found that most people really want to pay their bills, however, sometimes you just can't.  If you are in this position, you need our help. That's why we combine our expertise with professional care for each and every client. We've helped thousands in similar cases.  

Chapter 7 filing wipes out most of your debt and does not require a repayment plan (Call us for details) or a Chapter 13 plan for restructuring debt and keeping vital assets may be appropriate for you. Our bankruptcy attorneys at Advanced Legal Services, Inc,  and our bankruptcy specialists will work to explain the benefits of either filing and help you select your best option.


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