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Wills & Trusts

Wills and Estate Planning with Professional Counsel

A Will is important for your peace of mind. You can determine the future of your assets and provide for your loved ones. Unfortunately, far too many people avoid doing a will for a variety of reasons. Some simply do not understand the process for distributing assets in the event of death, while others want to avoid even thinking about such a thing.

Our Denver Estate Planning Attorneys at L.D. Brown, PC are ready to help you understand the need for a will.  Everyone should strongly consider planning for the future by having an updated will and Powers of Attorney to go along with the it.

A will determines how your property is distributed to your heirs. You'll ensure your heirs receive your assets as you see fit, and you'll also be able to nominate a legal guardian for your children. Without a will, your property will be distributed according to Colorado state law, which may not be in accordance with your wishes.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys use their experience and knowledge to assist you every step of the way. We advise you about any Colorado law affecting your estate and follow the necessary requirements while executing the will to guarantee it will be legally valid in a court of law.


You choose a trustee who holds your property until distribution.   Tax, personal, and time-sensitive reasons may be the key factors in determining if a trust is right for you.

Trusts are often used to avoid the probate process which follows Colorado state law.  According to the wishes you specify, you may choose the time, circumstances, and amounts of distribution from your trust. Our Estate Planning Lawyers offer a free consultation to determine if a trust is appropriate for you.

The main reason for a trust is not so much to avoid probate.  The main reasons for Trusts are:

     1.  Protection of Children

     2.  To ensure preservation of businesses when a key owner dies

Virtually any property may be held in a trust, and thus there are many different kinds of trusts. Some of the most common trust types we handle but are not limited to include:

Gun Trust

Certain types of guns are strictly regulated by federal law. Our attorneys can inform you of these requirements and clearly explain the advantages of utilizing a gun trust. Avoiding probate, circumventing potential future gun transfer restrictions, and guaranteeing proper transfer are just some of the reasons to consider a gun trust.

Pet Trust

A Pet Trust can assure and provide for the care and maintenance for your pets in case of death or incapacity and prevents your furry friend from being put into a shelter or left to fend for themselves. The probate process—executed in the absence of a pet trust—can often take months to finish. With the advice of our lawyers, we can help you be certain that any pet of yours is properly cared for immediately in the case of an unexpected event.